Engineering Fitness

Check Your Body Before You Wreck Your Body
Jahan Shiekhy, a VT engineer at Volvo Group Trucks. and previous regent of Psi Gamma chapter has begun studying and blogging about personal fitness in his free time. If anyone knows Jahan you well understand that this is not just a random hobby or obsession. He has been seen doing yoga outside of Squires or only standing at the high tables on the main floor of Newman Library. With a deep understanding in the field of mechanical engineering he attempts to bring those skills into the world of personal health and training.

Below is an excerpt from one of his articles that can be found here.

We’ve all heard exercise is good for us. But it can actually be terrible for us if we don’t do it right. The way our bodies move has vastly changed because of our sedentary, technology focused society. If you are repeating the same motion all day (whether standing at a computer or doing manual labor) and then just start going to the gym  you will get injured. It may not be today or even tomorrow, but poor posture and crappy movement patterns add up to chronic  injuries which seem to show up out of nowhere. I have seen this happen to others and have experienced it myself. Ever noticed how many people who are not athletes undergo knee, back or shoulder surgeries? (Some of these cases are due to other factors, but much of the dysfunction people have is due to mishandling their bodies).

In personal training education, movement assessments are strongly emphasized, however in practice many trainers skip them and many people don’t know they even exist. Before exercising you need to make sure your body moves normally. Like your car, you wouldn’t take a road trip if the wheels were deflated or the steering wheel didn’t work-that would be a recipe for disaster.  It’s the same with our bodies. We shouldn’t just grab a workout recommended by a buff guy on Instagram and go workout. Now this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do any exercise, it just means we need to test how our bodies work then exercise accordingly.

I encourage all to check out and follow Jahan’s blog. It’s definitely a good read with many more really cool articles to come.